See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Anyone who says spring is the most romantic season is clearly mistaken. Our readers who tied the knot this weekend know that autumn is really where it’s at! Check out some of their beautiful fall celebrations below:

  • See Who Got Married This Weekend! Vesic Photography
    “Rachel and Erick spend some time together at Duke Gardens before their ceremony at The Cookery in Durham, North Carolina.” – Hooman Bahrani
  • See Who Got Married This Weekend! zrfoto
    “Perfect moment underneath a perfect Georgia sky.” – Chrissy Ballard
  • See Who Got Married This Weekend! Courtesy of Kristina Perkins
    “I got married last weekend at the Seattle Aquarium. It was the most amazing venue with fabulous otters and jellyfish!” – Kristina Perkins
  • See Who Got Married This Weekend! Velvet Crown Photography
    “Arlen and Jesse’s wedding on the Chesapeake Bay outside Washington, D.C.” – Norman Morales
  • See Who Got Married This Weekend! Red Stone Photography
    “Stacy and Steve were married beneath a canopy of stately pines.” – Alexis Rubenstein
  • See Who Got Married This Weekend! John Dolan
    “Tom and Kate were married in the backyard of a home they rented from Airbnb in Richmond, Virginia.” – Kate Grillo
  • See Who Got Married This Weekend! Les Atkins Photography
    “Ashley & Holt’s rustic Virginia wedding in Palmer Springs, Virginia.” – Les Atkins
  • See Who Got Married This Weekend! Courtesy of Suraya Akbarzad
    “When we arrived at the park for our photo shoot, we found firefighters who had just put out a small brush fire. We asked and they let us take some of our wedding pictures on their truck — so cool!” – Suraya Akbarzad
  • See Who Got Married This Weekend! Justin Fulwood of JusPose Photography
    “The new Mr. and Mrs. Richards’ wedding.” – Justin Fulwood of JusPose Photography
  • See Who Got Married This Weekend! Courtesy of Kat Campbell
    “Brides Laura Clay and Beth Barksdale with me in the middle. Best wedding ever.” – Kat Campbell

If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, tweet a photo to @HuffPostWedding or email it to us afterwards so we can feature it on the site!

Check out more of this week’s Real Weddings photos in the slideshow below:

Close  Real Wedding of the Week Cont. of
See Who Got Married This Weekend!

“Fahamu and Jamila jumping the broom during their ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday!” – My Simply Perfect

See Who Got Married This Weekend!

“The bride and groom are blissfully happy! My first downtown Toronto wedding!” – @dlovelymoment

See Who Got Married This Weekend!

“LA Union Station retro space wedding reception.” – Rebel Belle Weddings

See Who Got Married This Weekend!

“Heather Jacobson and Chris Thomas were married by Weddings in Vieques on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico on Satur

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Parent Notices Meth-Toting “Breaking Bad” Action Figures At Toys ‘R’ Us, Complains

Parent Notices Meth Toting “Breaking Bad” Action Figures At Toys ‘R’ Us, ComplainsShould a toy store sell only toys for children? Toys ‘R’ Us is our last nationwide toy retailer, and one parent was horrified to see that the chain sells toy versions of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, the antiheroes of the cable drama “Breaking Bad.” They are wonderfully detailed, down to their accessories: beakers, chili powder, a gun, and…oh, yeah, a tiny bag of blue crystal meth.

A Florida mom tells WFTX that she liked the TV program “Breaking Bad,” but doesn’t think that action figures of the main characters belong on the shelves of a toy store, because children could follow their example. The toys come with some meth-making equipment, dressed in hazmat suits. “Kids mimic their action figures, if you will. Do you want your child in an orange jumpsuit?” she asked viewers rhetorically.

One thing that series did not do w

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Here’s How People Really Feel About A Woman Taking Her Husband’s Last Name

While “Mrs. George Clooney” may be the dream name of many of the actor’s fans, his new wife, Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin), has made headlines for taking on her new husband’s name last week, with think piece after think piece picking apart her decision. But new survey results suggest that most people don’t judge her choice.

According to a HuffPost/YouGov poll, 57 percent of people think a married woman should take whichever name she pleases, whether it’s her husband’s, her own or a hyphenated combination of the two. This majority opinion holds true across age ranges, sexes, family income, race and regions of the country. The second most popular preference is a bit more traditional: 31 percent of people believe a woman should take her husband’s name after marriage.

While a majority of respondents think women should have a choice in the mat

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Pizza Hut Introduces Sausage-Stuffed Crust, Is Probably Just Messing With Us Now

Pizza Hut Introduces Sausage Stuffed Crust, Is Probably Just Messing With Us NowSince it first began marketing stuffed-crust pizza, the flavor wizards oer at Pizza Hut have found some very strange things to stuff in there. Marmite? Sure. Fish eggs? Yum. Apple turnovers? Sounds great! Most of the more interesting variations have come out of Pizza Hut’s international branches, and maybe it’s no coincidence that these are doing better. Here’s another example: a pizza surrounded by dough-wrapped fancy sausages, available in Luxembourg.

Brand Eating reports that the sausage is called mettwurst, and is a smoked and cured pork sausage with origins in Germany. The pizza comes with mustard for dipping, presumably after you tear the part that looks like pigs in blankets off the rest of the crust. The mustard is also a regional specialty.

Pizza Hut has produced crusts stuffed with hot dogs, but with the hot dogs rolled up inside the crust lengthwise. T

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GM Ignition Switch Death Claims Inch Higher Again; 29 Deaths Now Tied To Decade-Old Defect

GM Ignition Switch Death Claims Inch Higher Again; 29 Deaths Now Tied To Decade Old Defect


Slowly but surely the General Motors victim compensation plan continues to add new death claims linked to defective ignition switches. This week, as with several previous weeks, the total number of innocent lives lost as a result of the defect increased by two, bringing the new total to 29.

Reuters reports that since the program began accepting claims on August 1 it has received 1,517 claims for deaths and injuries related to the decades-long ignition switch defect.

Of those claims 56 have been deemed eligible for compensation so far; 29 related to deaths and 27 for injuries.

According to the weekly report submitted by Ken Feinberg, the lawyer tasked with heading the plan, the number of claims received for injuries and deaths was up about 11% from one week ago. In the last week, six additional death claims and 132 additional injury claims were submitted.

Claims will co

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Funniest Parenting Tweets: What Moms And Dads Said On Twitter This Week

Kids may say the darndest things, but parents tweet about them in the funniest ways. So each week, we round up the most hilarious 140-character quips from moms and dads to spread the joy. Scroll down to read the latest batch and follow @HuffPostParents on Twitter for more!

Bribes, negotiations, promises, threats, bargaining..also see: Parenting.

— Domestic Goddess (@DomesticGoddss) October 19, 2014

Kids are easy to care for until they learn to roll over. After that you’re never
sure what they’re up to for the rest of their lives.

— Susan W (@Maxine12333) October 15, 2014

My 2-year-old’s Elsa socks were dirty, so I gave her the ones with Anna on them.

This is hour number two of her temper tantrum.

— That’s Parenting (@ThatsParenting) October 15, 2014

Three things are sure in life: Death Taxes Your toddler will open the stall while you’re u

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FCC: 911 Outage Affected 11 Million People, Could Have Been Prevented

FCC: 911 Outage Affected 11 Million People, Could Have Been Prevented

(Adam Reker)

In the software used in a call routing center in Englewood, Colorado, there was a programming error in a single piece of software. Sounds minor, but this error could have had horrible implications: it knocked out 911 service to 11 million people in Washington state, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, California, Minnesota, and Florida for six hours in April. More than 5,600 calls in affected areas didn’t go through. How did this happen, and can we prevent it from happening again?

The outage started around midnight Pacific time. Calls routed through the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in Colorado that couldn’t be routed were supposed to go through a PSAP in Miami instead, but a coding error meant that the system in Colorado had no idea that there was a problem. Instead of going to Miami, thousands of call went nowhere.

If you’re interest

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Citi’s “Secure Message Center” Run By Idiot Robots Who Don’t Care They Sent E-Mail To Wrong Person

Citi’s “Secure Message Center” Run By Idiot Robots Who Don’t Care They Sent E Mail To Wrong Person

Read the messages from bottom to top. First, Citi sends Zach a message intended for a completely unrelated customer named Geoffrey. Then Zach replies that he is not Geoffrey and that this is cause for concern. Citi’s response is to tell him how to add another person to his account.

If you’re a customer of any of the big banks, you’ve likely gotten a few messages in an online inbox that is only available via the bank’s website. You probably ignore most of these because they’re either about site downtime or upsells for add-on products you’ll never buy, but you probably assume that — unlike your gmail, yahoo, hotmail, or AOL account — this inbox doesn’t include messages that are intended for someone else. Wrong.

At least that was the case for Consumerist reader Zach, who noticed something odd about a message he’d received via

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10 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Bouquets

As the temperature drops and autumn sets in, many of summer’s most beautiful wedding flowers are no longer in season. But these gorgeous autumn bouquets prove that fall brides have nothing to worry about! Whether you choose classic fall hues or opt for a more trendy muted look, fall wedding florals can be oh-so-gorgeous. See 10 of our favorite fall arrangements in the slideshow below.

Close  Beautiful Fall Wedding Bouquets of
10 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Bouquets

No need to worry that there won’t be any bright colors available to use in your bouquet this time of year; many vibrant flowers are in season in the fall!Photo by: Suburbanite Photography on Every Last Detail via Lover.ly15 book wedding ideas for literary lovers

10 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Bouquets

With all the beautiful shades of gold, orange, red, and brown in nature right now, a stunning bouquet inspired by the season is always a safe bet. Photo by: Chenin Boutwell on Wedding Chicks via Lover.ly25 totally unique wedding cake flavor

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Walgreens Gives Teen Wrong Prescription, Shrugs

It’s bad enough that a Michigan Walgreens pharmacy gave a 14-year-old customer someone else’s prescription, but the teen’s family says the drugstore chain made the situation much worse by demanding that the family go out of pocket to finally obtain the correct drug.

WOOD-TV reports that Walgreens had been asked to refill the teen’s prescription for his ADHD medication.

When the prescription was picked up, the information on the bag — name of patient, address, name of drug — were correct.

The mom gave the bag to her son, assuming that its contents matched the label. What no one noticed right away was that the name on the bottle itself was different — same first name and same initial for the surname — and the drug it contained was different. Instead of the ADHD pills, it was Montelukast, the generic form of asthma medication Si

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